Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The prompt for today is kids.  Last year at this time, I would've been able to write, don't have any.  Case closed.  However, in August of this past year, we adopted a darling beagle from a nearby SPCA.  She used to be Darla.  She used to run away from home frequently.  She used to be a shelter dog.  Now?  Now, she's Rosie, she's loved and spoiled.  She walks at least two miles a day, every day.  She has her own CHAIR.  She's our kid and she's worth every penny.

Forgive my wild hair.  I was just so excited to adopt her.  This was the day before we took Rosie home.
Since that day in August, we have started volunteering at our local SPCA.  We've went from being socializers, to dog walkers.  Spending time with those babies (ok, they're all not really babies) reminds me that Rosie had been in that SPCA for over a month.  She could've been one of those dogs that had been there for many, many months.  But, we came along.  We are her family.  Because some of those dogs will wait for their new family, for a long, long time, I want to be that pseudo-family.  So yes, we have one real baby, BUT many, many beautiful foster babies...that just so happen to be living elsewhere.

Spoiled rotten and loving it.

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