Sunday, January 27, 2013


Let's keep this light, shall we?

I regret not getting a new vacuum earlier.  The feeling of clean carpet on bare feet can't be beat.  I regret that my family did not pass any kind of green finger gene on to me.  I can't keep anything plant-like fully alive for more than a couple weeks.  Luckily though, I can revive plants like those paddles that doctors use.  CLEAR!  (They're called defibrillators.  I just looked it up.)  I regret spending time with people with clear ulterior motives.  Yep, no explanation on that one.  At this very moment, I regret not buying more warm, cozy socks.  Oh yeah, these ankle socks are perfect...for the summer.  I need more ugly tall, warm, stay in the house socks.  Add that to my mental shopping list.  I regret that I didn't branch out more in college.  I had my job, which helped me meet all kinds of people, and my future (now? current?) husband.  Other than that, I stuck with the people I liked in my classes and work people.  I didn't spend much time building "lifelong friendships" outside of that.  And now?  I have that one friend who was an awful worker, but great friend, that I still talk with weekly.  Oh, and that husband of mine.  Everyone else?  Gone.  Sure they wish me happy birthday in September and I reciprocate, but that's it.  Whoa long explanation.  Moving on.  I continually regret that it takes me longer to get out of my shell than other people.  (Note, I had to return Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking, as the due date was again looming.  I'm really failing at being a proper book hoarder.)  I'm not really sure how to work on this, or even if it's an option.  Lastly, I regret buying that lemon of a car in 2007.  That Saturn L200 was the biggest headache for a longer time than needed.  From that, I've learned that a new car is worth the "awful depreciation  that everyone nags about.  New car, no problems. That's totally unrelated to "Mo money, mo problems."

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