Monday, January 14, 2013

Calorie Count

Today's post is supposed to be about food.  In a roundabout way, mine will be.

What feels like a really long time ago, I took a nutrition course, my sophomore year in college.  This course convinced me to become a vegetarian.  That lasted about six months, until my mother opened a can of tuna (I know, what a weird thing to bring me to the light) and I was done.  The same class suggested that I count calories of what I was eating, if not for anything else, just to see how healthy I was.

From then on, well kinda, off and on, I counted my calories, for a hopeful change.  Unless you're a label reader, you're unlikely to know just how many calories are in ONE slice of American cheese.  That'll make you think twice about a double-sliced grilled cheese AND tomato soup.

Not only does this website (and now app) house your calorie intake, but it keeps track of your other stats.  Carbs.  Fats.  Nutrients.  Vitamins.  The whole thing, for free.  No, I'm not getting any kind of cash money from this post.  I am not a sponsor of Calorie Count.  I just believe it gives you some insight on your life and what you can do to make it better and last longer.  Besides, YOLO!

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