Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Multiple Homes

I get a lot of crap from portions of my family when I refer to my parents' home as my home.  Since leaving home for college, I've had ten different residences, yet my home remains the same.  Sure, I live in Virginia now, in an apartment, that is currently my home.  I think my major setback is that none of those have been permanent.  When we first moved to Harrisonburg, I compared renting houses to apartments.  Unfortunately many did not allow pets, so I gave up and here we are.  Since we've lived here, I've subscribed to a listing of local houses on the market in a semi-reasonable-but-still-ridiculous price range.  Today though, when a new house came through, I took a look.  I realize we are not in that place that we can actually buy a house, but it's nice to think about.  One of the houses I had previously marked as a maybe had came down in price.  With that drop, the mortgage became less than our monthly rent for our apartment.  It seems impossible and ridiculous (again, I know) but the space there and yard, and deck, and on and on and on...just is so...blargh...out of reach?...ridiculous?...confusing.

So there you have it...my thoughts on a new home, that may be coming sooner than originally thought.

Bam!  I hit publish.  Mom and Dad, I'm going to trivia tonight and no, I don't want to talk about this post.   Love you!

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