Friday, January 11, 2013

Good Girl Gone Bad (for one minute)

For day eleven of the January Blog Challenge, confession is the topic.  Hmm, so many juicy things I could share.  So many juicy things that I could share that could get me or other people in trouble if they ever stumbled over (and read) my blog.  To avoid getting anyone in trouble (mostly myself), I will divulge something from so far back, that I can't get in trouble.  I mean, there's gotta be a statute of limitations on mischievous things done in high school right?  Here goes...

For many years, I played softball.  It was mostly during the summer, and once I hit high school during the spring.  I really enjoyed it, but in the grand scheme of things, probably wasn't very good (confession #1).  I really blame that on summer ball.  I really felt like a star there.  But in high school, I was often a really good bench warmer.  Hey, teams need those, too!  I was an A+ cheerleader, not like an annoying one, just a "Nice catch!  Good hit!  Keep your eye on the ball!" type.  Keep in mind, as far as schools go nowadays, mine was small.  I graduated with 140 students.  As a freshman and sophomore, I was on the JV team.  I actually really liked my sophomore year, since I was the only non-freshman, thus I played.  A lot!  But, I missed my friends.  They had made varsity, because, let's face it, they were better.  At the time it was a big deal, a real big deal, but I digress.  As a junior, I was on the varsity team, but played little.

When senior year rolled around, I was ready.  Ready to spend the season with my friends, making memories, and trying to win a few games.  Unfortunately though (in some respects) I was one of the students cut from the varsity team, and as a senior, it would be embarrassing to be on the JV team.  It was devastating.  I was really upset for a long time.  In a roundabout way it gave me time to devote to the other eighty things I was involved in, including getting better grades.  At the time though, I was very, very bitter.  So bitter, that revenge was needed.  Who was this coach?  What made him think that I was not worthy?  I'll show him!  Keep in mind my small school.  So everyone knew that I didn't make the team.  Awesome.

The day before I left the country (for a school trip, over spring break) I had a stroke of genius.  One of my best friends was on the team, and I wanted to spend the after-school time with her, instead of her going to practice.  She wasn't really happy playing anyway, since I wasn't there (or maybe I'm making this up?) and the coach was a jerk (not making that up).  One of my pieces of involvement as a student was being an office worker.  Thus, me being in the front office was not that unusual.  During one of my study halls, I (and another student) wrote/forged a note saying that softball practice was cancelled for that afternoon.  I slipped it in the announcements box, and it was read at the end of the school day.  Of course, the softball team was excited (not knowing that it was actually not cancelled) and I got to spend the afternoon with my friend.

Upon returning from England and Scotland, I found out the coach had "known" it was me who had written the note, since I was upset for being cut.  He talked with the principal (who I was best buds with) and tried to prove it through handwriting samples.  Luckily, I didn't actually write the note AND my locker (which the coach took some notes from) was being used by another friend.  I was safe all around.  I never got in trouble for it, despite many people knowing it was me.  It's all about proof, baby.

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