Monday, January 7, 2013

January Blogging

Okay, it's true.  January can be a bit grueling.  Although I did not hold myself to a new year's resolution of blogging more, I will be for the next 24 days!  A blogger from around my home-area that I enjoy reading about started doing a daily entry starting January 1.  I'm already six days behind, but I will be catching up with this single post!  From now on though, one post a day!...through January 31.  Let's see if I can actually stick with it anyway.  So, here goes, my daily entries, sponsored by Lindsey and Katrina.

I feel like this may become those chain bloggy things I did back in high school...and college.  Name 10 things that scare you, 9 places you want to visit, etc., etc.  However, I did agree to blogging more .  So here goes.

January 1:  NEW

I got a lot of great *new* gifts for Christmas that I could rant and rave about (also since I have not blogged since before then).  Instead though, I will outline some gifts that were extra special.

I still create a list of sorts for my parents, as to avoid getting a sword, electric knife, or pet rock.  Please note, all three of those would be ideal gifts for someone.  Not me though.  On said list was a set of "everyday" wine glasses.  I have recently found an appreciation for a sweet red wine and drinking out of regular glasses is obviously wrong.  Keep in mind I'm not drinking this perfect wine every day, but I didn't want something beautiful, fragile, and therefore unappealing for drinking on a Wednesday night, by myself.  On Christmas morning, I opened a "set" of seven wine glasses.  My loving, thrifty mother had bought Monday-Thursday glasses, Friday-Saturday glasses, and then Sunday.  They were labeled of course, not just for everyday, but every day.  Four medium glasses for Monday-Thursday, two large glasses for Friday and Saturday, and one tiny glass for Sunday.  Perfect.

It only makes sense that the 'Bless this Home' wall hanging is also from my mom.
I also received a carry-on bag to replace the one my lovely husband had involuntarily squished on an airplane.  The new one does not match the set we already have, but it is purple.  Purple may be my new favorite color.  Color was not one of the new things I had planned on discussing.  Bonus!  Anyway, a picture of it is not exactly exciting, so let's move on.  

From my in-laws we probably got the most needed gift.  A vacuum.  Yes, a vacuum.  You would not believe how much our 20 pound beagle sheds until you sweep the floor with a new vacuum made for eating pet hair.  It's a Hoover and it's my new favorite thing.  In fact it has made cleaning bearable.  Seeing the canister fill of all the hair from my lovable doggie just makes me smile.  For those of you wondering, yes, we had another vacuum prior to this piece of magic.  It couldn't compete with this one, nor the hair it was supposed to be picking up.  

The last couple gifts are close to my heart, but not in geographical distance.  We moved to Virginia in July.  Since then we have been back to Ohio multiple times.  Most of the time it doesn't bother me how far away we are.  Except when I realize how long it's going to take to get there.  Seven hours to my "house!"  It used to be no more than three!  But before I get a little weepy and nostalgic, below are gifts from my sister-in-law and my probable sister-in-law (that's like a woman that will probably marry my brother-in-law, for those confused).  Both are Ohio products, one a tote bag/purse, the other a beautiful bracelet from Etsy zoomed in on Athens, aka the homeland (where I spent four years of undergraduate school, met my husband, got married, and will always love the campus).  So many memories in Athens and Ohio, both gifts warmed my heart automatically.  Not to mention I can sport one or both at any time and I'm not being a non-JMU fan or employee.  Perfect.

The background is obviously of this stylish bag I now have, please ignore the red state of Ohio.  In my book, Ohio is a green state!  Go Ohio Bobcats!  This is evident with the bracelet, right?
Holy cow, this piece of seven days is getting much longer than expected!  Let's move on to the second day of this challenge, shall we?

January 2:  TWO

Hmm.  Two?  Well, let's keep this simple.  Why is so hard to keep two socks together?  Whether they are clean or dirty, I feel as like certain socks are destined to live a life of solitude after one wear.  Sorry, socks, I'm not sure where you end up.  Live long, and prosper in hidden eternity, while I use your match to dust before throwing it away.  Yep, that's random. And I'm going to write one post a day for the rest of January?  Oh boy.

January 3:  BUCKET LIST

I didn't really like that movie.  I'm not the biggest fan of Jack Nicholson, or Johnny Depp for that matter (yes, I realize he's not in that movie).  No matter, my bucket list is not particularly written.  I kind of do things that I want, when I want to do them.  No real rhyme or reason.  If I decide that I want to go para-sailing tomorrow, I will do so...ok probably not because it's January and there's snow on the ground.  But that's just an example!  I don't really believe in plans in my personal life.  Bucket List?  No, thanks.

January 4:  PET PEEVES

Oh boy, this one could be it's own blog (yeah, that's what it's supposed to be...) based on the number of things that just seem to annoy me.  Let's just go with the recent ones, which are related to dogs and walking, and surprise, sometimes dog-walking.  When on a sidewalk, going down stairs, or on a dirt path, etiquette dictates you stay on the right side.  None of this holding hands business, walking side by side, or slowly passing someone.  Sidewalks/stairs/paths are made for single-file lanes, like, I don't know, a road.  If you feel like doing any of the above (which is not an exhaustive list) at least be courteous enough to stop for five seconds while someone is trying to get around you.  Related to walking...if you are walking in an able-bodied fashion (yeah, there's probably a better wording for this) you do not, repeat, do not, need to use the handicap door opener (again, probably better wording needed).  Something that really bothers me (and breaks the roommate...err...apartment agreement) is dog owners that do not clean up after their furbaby.  Why would anyone think it was ok to leave their dog's business in the front yard?  It makes it increasingly difficult for me to walk my dog, who I clean up after, of course.  She likes to smell other dog's stuff, and one of both of us end up with the smell trekked into our home.  Gross.  Clean up after your dog.  It's not that hard.  Ok, last rant.  Whoever created stuffed dog toys, with the fluffy white cotton-ball-like insides...what were they thinking?  I suppose it is possible that certain dogs do not tear said toys to bits.  I do not have one of these dogs.  In fact, can I trade this one in for a non-toy-destroyer?

It's all fun and games, until the moose loses his stuffing.
January 5:  BIGGEST FEAR
Well, there are a lot of obvious answers here.  Dying, losing loved ones, my dog getting hurt, brain aneurysms, etc., etc.  One that comes in my head and stays there is car accidents.  Oh no, they are not all deadly, and sometimes they're just a small bump that just rearranges your mental stability.  In November I was in my first real car accident, in my car, by myself.  I wasn't hurt, nor were the other two drivers/passengers that I was sandwiched between.  More than anything it was just scary.  Oh yeah, I called my parents bawling.  They probably thought I was dying, once they could understand what I was saying.  Car crashes are scary.  Yep, that pretty much sums it up.


Oh man, there's just so many things I can think of here.  Recently though, around Christmas, I tried to open a bottle of wine with a semi-old-fashioned corkscrew.  Let's just say I have a high-tech one that is very user friendly.  Anyway, using the parents' old corkscrew, I broke it.  In the bottle of wine.  Enter, loving, thrifty, tool-wielding Mom to the rescue.  Or kinda.  She used a small drill bit to make a tiny hole which we were to pour the wine from.  Between her and my Air Forceman? brother, everyone got a small glass of wine.  With cork as a garnish.  To lengthen the embarrassment related to creating this visual and emotional mess, I choked on some of the cork-spiced wine and proceeded to fully turn fifty shades of pink, red, purple, and blue.  Enter, loving, thrifty, tool-wielding, nurse Mom to  She tried to do the Heimlich  which of course made me laugh on the inside and gag even worse on the outside.  And that, my friends, was enough embarrassment for the evening.  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

January 7:  SHOES (Last one for today!  I'm caught up!)

Shoes?  Hmm.  Well, my soon-to-be sister-in-law, (not to confused with my probable sister-in-law) is planning her wedding (with some input from my Air Forceman? brother).  On Christmas night, she asked if I would honor her and my brother by being the best Bridesmaid ever (in so many words).  Of course, shocked by this proposal, I gushed and cried my agreement (in so many emotions).  Fast forward to now...she/we are trying to find appropriate silver shoes/heels/sandals for her/their June wedding.  You would not believe the sheer vastness of the silver shoe.  They range from flip flop to eighteen inch stiletto.  Of course, being the clumsy one, I need a non-stiletto.  Period.  But just looking online, I cannot imagine who created all these shoes and what they were thinking.  Who, I repeat, who would wear some of these crazy contraptions?  Oh, please.  Don't let this be the shoe.  Please and thank you!

Seriously?  Who would be able to walk in these?  And why?  Why would you ever think you needed this particular pair of spiked heels?  Seriously.

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