Thursday, January 24, 2013

Falling Behind

Oh man, I've fallen behind again.  How does this happen?  I even talked about my blog with my parents for ten minutes or more.  Yet, I failed to get it together enough to write yesterday.  And now today.  Well, guess what?  Double post time!

January 23 (only a day late!):  DESSERT
Favorite desserts?  Comparison between homemade and store bought desserts?  Nah, let's make this semi-complicated, this time.  Every day, Rosie has her evening meal (normally straight dry dog food) before we have our human dinner.  However, after she completes her meal, no matter the quality or quantity, she is very interested in what we happen to be eating. I've started thinking of our remnants as Rosie's dessert.  It may be some stray alfredo sauce, some vegetables from tacos, or even the last piece of a hot dog bun that no longer holds a hot dog.  In our human world, that stuff is useless mess that would usually go in the sink for a quick rinse.  In Rosie's world, that's her favorite dessert after her evening meal.

Today, January 24:  TEACHERS
Back in high school, I went to a defensive driving course.  I obviously didn't need it, considering my impeccable driving record, minus that one speeding ticket that should be erased from my insurance soon.  Anyway, it was free and fun.  We got to drive Honda Civics, hard and fast, on a variety of terrains.  We tested how fast cars actually stop, when going different speeds.  I strongly believe that experience is the best teacher.  This safe environment made it easy to understand the way that cars worked and under what conditions.  Although I've probably forgotten the capital of Thailand, the year the Magna Carta was drafted, and who wrote The Star Spangled Banner, I for sure remember what was taught in my driving course.  My favorite piece (that really applies to everything):  When in doubt, keep feet out!  Especially during snow, rain, ice, etc.  Sure, I had my favorite teachers in elementary school (Miss Anderson), middle school (Mrs. Self), and high school (Mrs. Clawson), but really only the basics and daily used items have stuck throughout the years.  I drive everyday.  It's not an option to forget how to drive safely.  

Just as a reminder for the rest of the month's prompts...

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