Tuesday, January 15, 2013


During the two weeks that we were waiting on a new Virginian title for the old Ohioan Escort, we carpooled to work.  Keep in mind, we work at the same college campus, so it wasn't that big of inconvenience.  It’s funny though, since we work on opposite sides of campus, the difference is only 1.3 miles, but normally takes about ten minutes with traffic, especially since you cannot go directly through campus.

I had a mini-grudge about this carpooling business, since it threw off my schedule.  I like my schedule.  I know what time I need to leave every morning, how long it takes me to walk to my office, and the shortcuts if needed.  I had my morning alone time.  I thought of everything that I needed to get done that day and made a mental list.  I jammed.  Yeah, that's right, I sang to Michael Jackson or Buble.  Sometimes, I even belted out some Taylor Swift.  It hurts to write that, since I didn't actually like any of her music until her latest album.  Tangent over.  I liked my drive to work.  It was a great start to the day.

Sharing my ride was ok, just not great, like I wanted.  Fast forward to now.  He has a new car.  We don't need to carpool anymore.  The weird thing is...I don't want to drive myself to work anymore.  I've started enjoying some company on my drives in.  Oh, and getting dropped off close to my door isn't bad either.

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